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The former Director of NTV, the financier and billionaire Boris Jordan was in the annual list of the 50 most influential people in the world by Bloomberg. He also received the nickname «king of marijuana».

The company Curaleaf, co-owner and which head is Boris Jordan, has become the largest producer of this light drug in the United States. Its market value has reached $ 2.5 billion. In 2020, the revenue Curaleaf may exceed the proceeds of any other company on the production of marijuana in the world, suggests Bloomberg.

In addition to Jordan, the rating agencies came another native of Russia, Mikhail Kharitonov, who along with his partner Jon Mccauliffe based in USA hedge Fund Voleon, last year earned nearly three billion dollars. As previously reported by The Wall Street Journal, Kharitonov emigrated from Russia at age 18.

In the Bloomberg ranking also includes the Lil X rapper Nas, actress and writer Phoebe Waller-bridge, 16-year-old ecoactivity Greta Thunberg, Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern.

Bloomberg is the rating of the 50 most influential people in the world in 2011. Boris Jordan was in the list for the first time.

Curaleaf company that grows and sells marijuana, was founded in the USA in 2010. Jordan bought it in 2013, five years later, she went to the exchange, earning $ 400 million.

Curaleaf (the slogan «Live well!») — one of the few in the U.S. vertically integrated manufacturers of medical and recreational marijuana. The company has its production from the field to the pharmacy and a clear growth strategy in the most populated States in the US legalized marijuana.

Jordan Bloomberg said earlier that the situation on the market of marijuana in the United States — «just like in Russia of the 1990s, the industry is in its infancy and it should be built from scratch, including legislation.» The fortune is estimated at $ 1.2 billion, says Meduza.

American investment banker of Russian origin, Boris Jordan was one of the pioneers of the Russian investment business, born a quarter century ago during the country’s transition to capitalism. Jordan once worked at Credit Suisse First Boston, and then participated in the creation of IK «the Renaissance the Capital». He has worked in Russia at the time of privatization under President Boris Yeltsin, which resulted in the investors-speculators due to extensive connections with the right people in the government overnight became the oligarchs.

In the spring of 2001 Boris Jordan was appointed the company «Gazprom-Media» the General Director of NTV. Thus, it came under the control of the state gas monopolist «Gazprom». The change of leadership has led to the fact that the channel has become one of the mouthpieces of state propaganda. In 2003 Jordan left the management of the broadcaster.

Boris Jordan was a minority shareholder of Yukos in 2004 offered themselves intermediaries between Yukos and the Russian authorities. Being the President of Fund «the Companion», he wanted to approve he developed with other minority shareholders plan to avoid bankruptcy of the oil company.

In 2006, Boris Jordan was named an honorary Russian oligarch. Although he did not have Russian passports, it has helped Russian entrepreneurs to accumulate wealth in the period of anarchy of the post-Soviet 1990s, and along the way he earned a lot of money. As the British newspaper The Independent, formed in 2006, «the ABC of Russian oligarchs: from A to z», Jordan was making a fortune in the field of stock brokers on the Russian market, created in 1995, the investment Bank «Renaissance Capital». Jordan managed investments worth over half a billion dollars through its investment Fund «the Companion».

A few years ago Jordan and his group «Sputnik», was still in Moscow and specializing in direct investments, together with partners spent more than $ 100 million to lay the foundations for making Massachusetts a medical equipment manufacturer PalliaTech Inc. in a large network of pharmacies, growing their own marijuana and the opening point in a dozen us States.

Now, Jordan not only owns 31% stake in the company Curaleaf, but part of the shares of the company Cura Portland, specialize recreational marijuana. In Russia he owns the company «the Renaissance insurance».

Partner Jordan management Curaleaf is a former top Manager of Roman Abramovich, the former head of «Sibneft» and co-owner of the dairy company Unimilk Andrew Fleas. He has US citizenship, but lives in Moscow. He owns 28% of shares Curaleaf.

According to Forbes, Andrew Bloch takes 101 place in the rating «200 richest businessmen of Russia 2019». His fortune was estimated at $ 950 million, but since then it has multiplied.

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