Ученые разобрались, чем привлекает женская грудь

As it turned out, both men and women participated in the study paid more attention to the area of the nipple, the lower inner part of the chest and under the collarbone, almost without stopping look on the other parts. The neck and collarbone to the assessment of the chest, according to experts, is almost not affected. Although men looked on upper chest slightly more than women, overall the results were not too dependent on sex.

Experts suggest that the findings will help plastic surgeons to improve the quality of its work, taking into account what parts of the female breast should be brought to the attention in the first place when you change their shape. While scientists said that did not set out to find out what form of breast others consider the most attractive.

The study was published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

A few years ago, another group of experts found that the prevailing social representations of the «ideal» female breast can lead to the appearance of women have serious mental problems. Shape considered most «correct», in fact, seldom attained naturally and the misunderstanding of this fact sometimes leads to the development of full-fledged mental disorder called dysmorphobia.


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