Nutritionist Elena Solomatina in an interview with reporters, said, some of the Christmas dishes can be harmful and how to spend the holiday with the least damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

The most important mistake he called the behavior of the majority of Russians that the entire day of 31 December, almost nothing to eat in preparation for the main meal, and then at night when the body is preparing to sleep, load it heavy rich food and alcohol, reports «Evening Moscow».

The nutritionist noted that all of the Goodies that are traditionally put on the Christmas table, there is a separate category of products, the combination of which can lead to serious consequences for the organism.

As it turned out, quite dangerous food could be popular in Russia herring under a fur coat. Especially careful with this snack should be those who have a high glycemic index. The dish contains boiled vegetables during heat treatment of isolated starch, which increase blood sugar levels. When eating this dish, the glucose level rises sharply and then falls sharply, which causes fatigue.

«Who has prediabetes condition or diabetes, herring under a fur coat is dangerous,» warned the expert. She added that the dish contains fatty mayonnaise, and it turns out that in combination with carbohydrates it promotes active fat deposition in the body.

Herring itself can also be dangerous for people with high blood pressure. Fish, salted and salt is known, the delay fluid in the body. This leads to an increase in blood pressure.

The doctor advised me to put on the table salad of raw vegetables, lightly seasoned with vegetable oil. According to her, it will be a great alternative to heavy salad with mayonnaise and enrich the body with vitamins.


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