photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Association of sexologists on social issues Inna Soroka told journalists that despite the incidence of early pregnancies of girls in Russian province and the early entry of adolescents in sexual relationships in General in modern Russia, the topic of sex is becoming more and more taboo.

According to the expert, this leads to the fact that most adolescents learn about sex from peers and media. Only 13% of adolescents receiving information from parents and 10% of teachers.

«Information received from a friend or from a video on the Internet is often incomplete and unreliable. And ignorance provokes fear. There were two extremes,» reports the words of a sexologist.

She noted that on the one hand adolescents being a virgin is not fashionable and the age of sexual debut has dropped to 14-15 years. In the Outback there are cases when children engage in a sexual relationship and in 11-12 years.»In the villages almost every school has 3-4 girls who became pregnant up to the 9th class,» — said Forty.

On the other hand, she said, has formed a large group of young people aged 18 to 30 years who have made a conscious decision to not have sex. According to the specialist, you can say that in Russia a few years ago, formed a new sexual orientation — asexual. And people today more than 20%. Often the decision not to engage in sexual intercourse from a young man who in 14-15 years when he did not have such experience. And he still remains a virgin. Asexual think — no sex, no problem.

In addition, Forty said that now began an active cybersexuality companies. Personal contact between people is replacing communication using the gadget. The expert believes that in the coming decades, the human relationship will go by the wayside, the devices will replace all and people will have less desire to have sex.


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