Major payment system has suspended the transfer of money from Russia to Tajikistan / Anton Krylov

The press service of the national Bank of Tajikistan said that «the Russian payment systems Contact and Anelik are currently working with Western Union the agreement was signed, but there are some technical issues. It will work for one or two days» / Anton Krylov

Money transfer systems Western Union, Contact, and «Close» has suspended remittances to Tajikistan because of problems with the launch in the country a National processing center (NPC), which managed to connect everything. The new system, which Tajikistan was passed on 3 December and will include all calculations and processing the transfers through the national Bank of Tajikistan (NBT).

That remittances from Russia to Tajikistan can stay from Tuesday warned the newspaper «Kommersant». The article said that none of the payment systems, providing 90% of transfers from Russia to Tajikistan, totaling about $ 2.5 billion a year, the connection is not completed.

The national Bank of Tajikistan claimed that remittances from Russia will stop, as the Bank has already started working with the system «Unistream» and signed an agreement with Western Union, and the contract with a Contact must be signed in the near future. But on Tuesday the call-center operators and Western Union Contact RBC reported on the suspension of transfers.

MoneyGram, «Zolotaya Korona» and «Unistream» reported that they did not plan to stop money transfers, but be warned about some limitations. In the «Golden crown» made that the recipient in Tajikistan, may face the denial of funds. MoneyGram to find out refusal is possible only in the time of the transfer. In «Unistream» you can get the money in rubles, dollars or euros.

Sputnik Tajikistan reports that Bank branches were people who can’t get the money. Not working cash funds via Western Union, Contact, Unistream, Golden crown and MoneyGram.

«Western Union transfers to Tajikistan temporarily suspended in connection with the change of the transfer system in the country. This is a temporary measure, but when completed the period of termination of transfers from Russia to Tajikistan and back — is still unknown,» — said the Agency in support of the service. The Contact reported that in Tajikistan there is no opportunity to obtain cash payments, you must either send funds via credit cards or online wallets, or cancel transfers that have been previously sent.

The press service of the national Bank of Tajikistan said that «the Russian payment systems Contact and Anelik are currently working with Western Union the agreement was signed, but there are some technical issues. It will work within one to two days.»

National processing centre was established in Tajikistan to improve the efficiency of money transfers and the transparency of our operations and minimize operational risk. A center will be implemented by all cross-border transfers without opening Bank accounts on the territory of Tajikistan, which will ensure the smooth flow of transfers from Russia. «Kommersant» wrote that the payment services requested NBT to postpone the connection to the system for six months, but to achieve this and failed.

26 Nov NBT have been sent to the operators of payment systems a letter in which he pointed out that operators that have not signed treaties and have not completed the integration of NPC, from 3 December to suspend the transfer of funds to Tajikistan.

The head of the National Association translation in Russia Maria Mikhailova said «Radio Ozodi» that the requirements of Tajikistan in connection with the establishment of a national system of transfers, contrary to several provisions of the legislation of Russia and therefore the payment system will not be able to comply with them. «This organization of the money transfer system is not in any state of the world. Of course, each country has its own such system, however, when it comes to cross-border transfers, the order of transfer must be agreed between both parties», — said Mikhailov.

That connection to the SPC of Tajikistan in the manner suggested by the NBT, entails a violation of Russian law, «Radio Ozodi» reported the head a press-services of the payment system «Golden crown» Kirill Gorelov. He noted that «the current rules and mechanisms of market operation of cross-border transfers, debug, over the years, have demonstrated their effectiveness and do not demand any radical changes».

The situation hit hardest by the ordinary people who go to Russia to work and regularly transfer funds to family back home. Remittances of labor migrants make up 30% of the economy of Tajikistan.

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