photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Actor Dmitry Pevtsov in an interview with «Constantinople» was named TV presenter Vladimir Pozner «enemy of Russia» for his words on abortion and obscurantism.

We are talking about the statement that Posner made on the transfer of «Big game» on the First channel. There the presenter during the discussion about abortion said that there are people who want everything to be as before, that abortion was once again qualified as a crime. Posner called it a «return to the middle Ages,» and added that those who advocate this, of course, not liberals, but «just bigots».

Commenting on this statement of the Singers noted, the word «obscurantist» is a loose translation of the word «obscurantism», which means a negative attitude towards progress and science. «That is obscurantist Posner calls those who are against LGBT people and against abortion. This means, people are against progress, against science, against the enlightenment,»», — quotes the portal of the statement of the actor.

In addition, Singers are called «deviation», «disease» and «punishment of God» of homosexuality.

The actor suggested that the broadcaster Posner, who has property in France and is a citizen of Israel, do not care about Russia. «And it will be worse than in Russia, so it will be nicer and better, it completely justifies this view,» said Singers.

«He’s not Russian in spirit. It is the enemy of Russia. The person who wants it extinct,» he added Singers.

Recall that in October 2016, in an interview with Dmitry Pevtsov has declared its unconditional support of the current Russian politics and President Putin.


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