How many of Russia if not always convenient and accommodating, but powerful and reliable partners and allies in the former Soviet Union? In the «unbreakable Union» was, as you know, the 15 republics. However, to compile our list would be enough fingers of one hand. Kazakhstan is always very tough in defending their interests in negotiations with Moscow, but President Nursultan Nazarbayev has always been the main instigator of integration on post-Soviet space. Complaints of Alexander Lukashenko on perceived or real grievances with the Kremlin have become so familiar that it’s almost not taken seriously. But thanks to the cooperation between Moscow and Minsk in the sphere of defense of our borders in the Belarusian wing for many a decade is securely covered. Personal relations between Putin and de facto leader of Armenia Nikol Pashinian frequently spark. But tenotomy in years of exhausting conflict with neighboring Azerbaijan Yerevan just have no one to rely on besides Russia. Am pleased to report that in this short list there is a very significant addition. Is Uzbekistan the most important Central Asian country, which until recently preferred to «walk by itself».


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