photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Chief editor of TV channel Russia Today Margarita Simonyan published in his Instagram a photo of the daughter of Maro, which she was born October 19, from film Director Tigran Keosayan, the Face of a child, the journalist closed the image of a cheerful sun. Girl lying in bed in overalls, which depicts the soccer ball and applied the words «Russia forward!». Also in the picture you can see that the child has very dark skin. For this reason Simonyan told a short funny story.

She wrote in comments that when her husband Tigran Keosayan first came to the hospital and looked at Maro, then asked employees the question: «who is she so black?»

«The doctors in my hospital laughed for a long time», — said Simonyan.

«And really, to whom? All fair-haired.», asked one of the readers of the blog of the journalist.

«Well, Yes, Maro Dad and Mom blonde», — with the sign «smiley» replied the other.

Earlier, Margarita Simonyan told how during the delivery she got a call from the presidential Administration.


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