Chaplin, Picasso, and other great men obsessed with sex

Not all great scientists, artists and writers were fascinated exclusively with science and creativity. And not all of them can marriage interfere with intimacy with other women. Telling the stories of four men, who were very popular with the opposite sex.

Albert Einstein

Nobel laureate and perhaps the most famous physicist in the world, the author of the theory of relativity is much better versed in science than in family life. Einstein was a bad husband and father, and both of his wives can only sympathize. First wife of albert Einstein was Mileva Maric. They married in 1903, and in 1904 she gave birth to first son, Hans albert Einstein. Six years later was born the second Edward.

Mileva Maric

In his letter, dated the same 1910 (when Mileva was pregnant again), albert Einstein writes his former lover Marie Winteler: «I think of you with sincere love every minute I’m unhappy as I can be unhappy people.»

Apparently, for the spouse of Einstein was no secret that her husband is cheating on her and with his own cousin Elsa Lowenthal. Mileva begged her husband to save their marriage for their children, and Einstein agreed. But put several conditions: first, it needs to maintain the perfect purity of his things, and secondly, to feed him three times a day, third, stop any sexual relationship and even not to speak first, if it is not treated.

Elsa Lowenthal

Despite attempts by Mileva to save the marriage, the couple parted. In 1919, Einstein married his cousin Elsa. However, before that he had almost married her youngest daughter, 22-year-old Ilse. If you believe the author of the book «albert Einstein: the most popular genius» George.D. Rockefeller (J. D. Rockefeller, Albert Einstein: The Most Popular Genius), Elsa was ready to give up his happiness for his daughter.

But then the physicist came around and still married to his mistress. But in this marriage, Einstein has not changed him. But the wife — cheated. According to Elsa, he was constantly surrounded by women. Since the mid-1920s, years before the emigration to U.S. in 1933 in his life had several women: Margaret Lebach, Estella of Katzenelnbogen, Tony and Ethel. It is known that he spent the weekend with them, read books and attended concerts. And in between, in 1923 Einstein fell in love with the niece of his friend Betty Newman. He did everything that she spent with him and his family as much as possible.

Pablo Picasso

It is said that every artist has his own Muse. Now, Picasso had a lot of them. In 1904 he began his relationship with the model fernande Olivier. She threw the artist in 1912, after learning about his relationship with her close friend Eva Rumble. Some of the paintings of Picasso can be found the inscription «I Love Eva» («I love Eva»). But then Eva became ill with tuberculosis, and Picasso immediately struck up a romance with Gaby Lapinas.

Olga Khokhlova

In 1918, the artist married Olga Khokhlova, a beautiful ballerina, who bore him a son, Paulo. Their relationship gave the gap: Picasso had an affair with a seventeen year old French girl Marie-thérèse Walter. In 1935, Olga learned that his young mistress was pregnant and demanded a divorce, but Picasso refused from an unwillingness to divide the property. So they stayed married until 1955, when Khokhlova killed himself.

Dora Maar

Next was the Yugoslav origin photographer Dora Maar, whom Picasso called his «private Muse». She died, suffering from depression, surrounded by items that reminded her of a former lover.

Francoise Gilot

Picasso left Dora, when he was 62 years old, for the sake of the student françoise Gilot, with whom he got two children. But the old painter did not stop, preferring a younger lover is 17-year-old Genevieve Laporte (Laporte Genevieve).

Jacqueline Rock

Finally, in the 79 years he has met a 35-year-old Jacqueline Roque — she was his second and last wife.

Francoise Gilot

«For me, women are divided into two types — confessed 61-year-old Picasso with Francoise Gilot, goddess and doormat for the feet».

Famous comedian didn’t deny that he willingly indulged in amorous pleasures. He boasted that he had over 2 thousand mistresses. Of course, the famous Chaplin played into his hands, but and good looks too, have had their effect. He was short, his head was a little big for a slim small body, but blue eyes and ink-black hair drew the glances of the women.

When Vanity Fair magazine asked Chaplin in 1926 to describe his perfect woman, he said, «I’m not too in love with her, but she’s just crazy about me.»

With women of easy virtue Chaplin was treated rudely, even brutally. He could, for example, to «hook» them with her cane by the neck or feet to pull it closer. However, were the actor has another weakness: he preferred very young girls.

Mildred Harris

With his first wife Mildred Harris Chaplin met when he was 30 and she was only 16. They got married because Mildred was sure I was pregnant. Although the alarm proved false, very soon Mildred was really in position and bore a son, who lived only three days. Family life couples failed and two years later the couple divorced.

Lita Grey

However, Chaplin did not stay one. At age 35 he met his future wife Lita grey, which by that time was only 12 years old. The actor even asked his friend to paint a portrait of a girl. Their relationship began when Letha was fifteen and she signed a contract for the filming of the movie. Lita quickly got pregnant. Chaplin suggested she have an abortion, but she refused. Then he offered to find her a husband and give «compensation» in 20 thousand dollars, but this option was rejected. Chaplin could go to jail for underage sex. Gray insisted on the wedding, although he admitted he doesn’t like Chaplin.

It was decided to get married in Mexico city, in an atmosphere of high secrecy. On the way back to California, when Lita was standing on the platform of the car with large Windows, a Chaplin came to her and said, «Perfect moment to put an end to your heinous act — why don’t you jump?» But, despite this obvious hatred to a young wife, Chaplin was a real sex machine — according to Lita, he was able to have sex six times a night, without any signs of fatigue.

However, the marriage did not last long. After three years the couple parted. Gray accused Chaplin’s constant infidelities and perversions, and that he sent to her guns, insisting on the abortion. The lawyer Chaplin Lita threatened to name the names of six Actresses slept with the comedian during the marriage. Gray received 625 thousand dollars after the divorce, and 200 thousand at the expense of their children.

Paulette Goddard

His third wife, Chaplin met a few years later. Most likely, their romance would not have started, don’t lie to Paulette Goddard that she is only 17 years (actually 22 years). Very soon she moved to Chaplin, and they began to work on a new movie. Shortly after the premiere they divorced. Chaplin trying to control life, and Paulette chose freedom. Although she left the actor, the former couple remained friends until his death.

Una O’neill

In 54 years of Charlie Chaplin found himself a fourth wife, 18-year-old Oona O’neill (Oona O’neill). As it happens in a creative environment, she came to the audition. Although Chaplin believed her too young (really?) for his movie, he signed a contract with her and began to give private lessons of acting. The lessons had brought him under the crown in 1943. Maybe he’s finally found a kindred spirit, because the couple had lived together for 34 years and raised eight children.

John F. Kennedy

The 35th U.S. President (1961-1963) once during a visit to the UK complained to her Prime Minister Harold Macmillan that if he didn’t have sex every day, he begins to suffer from terrible headaches.

Kennedy was known for having never missed a single attractive female. In his don Juan list was and starlet, and secretaries, and flight attendants and strippers. By the way, among his mistresses was also Marilyn Monroe. One friend said that Kennedy could never deny yourself «buffet of women».

He was not even frightened by the prospect of a scandal that could erupt, know the public that the President indulged in intrigues, even when I was married to the beautiful Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.

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