12 little-known facts about prostitution in the United States

On these representatives of the oldest profession! Throughout the history of mankind men have been quite clear needs, and there were always women that these needs are met for a fee. However, nowadays in most countries such activity is illegal.

But many people another point of view on prostitution: they perceive it as a business process. And of course, the whole field is shrouded in many mysteries, the specificity of which varies from level is adequate (such as details of the «business» communication and the details of the «business agreements») to several frightening facts.

But despite the originality of the market of sexual services, prostitution can be interesting due to the many peculiarities characterizing the world of selling your body for money. Although we must consider that each country has its own specifics of this business. So, we decided to look like «that’s it that’s all» things are overseas, and have selected for you 12 little-known facts about the mysterious and dangerous market of sex services USA.

Almost all the pimps graduated from high school. And about 30% of them even have a College degree. It’s quite interesting, because to work in this field does not need a certificate or diploma of higher education. However, when you need to choose to receive benefits (or minimum wage) or to engage in their own (albeit illegal) business with the opportunity to earn tens of thousands of dollars per month, the position of some College graduates is understandable.

Pimps create a lot of jobs. Yes, of course, prostitution operates in society is destructive, it is absolute evil for women, the invention of the devil, etc. But if you look at the matter objectively, you can see that it brings the economy a lot of money. Girls get a salary, feed the family. Pimps and escorts and their agencies advertise on the Internet, solve the issues with the property, even find babysitters for children. Anyway, these guys are part of the American (and almost any other) companies.

Prostitution brings in more money than any other illegal business. Weapons and drugs is a very profitable business. The media enthusiastically washed the bones drug lords, and the topic of the ban on the carrying of firearms is constantly discussed in society. However, the field of sex actually brings investors a lot more money than you earn drug lords and arms dealers. The fact that this business is much more comprehensive and universal.

Not even in Las Vegas prostitution is not so legal as you think. In fact, in the state of Nevada allowed prostitution only in licensed brothels. Street prostitution is prohibited. In the remaining States prostitution is illegal.

Buyers of sex services — a variety of people. You’re probably thinking, what is the typical client of a prostitute — not a rich, always sweaty fat man looking for fresh feelings secret from meticulous wife. No, actually it is not. In fact, there is no clear portrait of the typical client of a prostitute: carnal pleasures buy everything. Moreover, according to information from the pimps, even the police often frequented the brothels.

Pimps have a lot of costs. Do you think that keeping a brothel is easy? Yes, they make good money, but «Madame» and «sponges commanders» have to spend money on a lot of different cases: utilities, the services of gynaecologists and venereologists, transport costs, rental property, and much more. Their «service» is also to some degree dangerous and difficult.

The pimps often get through friends or family. Many probably thought about how you can make it in this business. You often see in the Internet with the ads, the content of which quite clearly imply that in the sphere of sexual services need to be replenished. But really, you don’t just see the ad, call the number listed and come to an «interview». (How did you imagine interviewing for the position of representative of the oldest profession? And test task?) Most people get into the industry through friends, acquaintances and relatives. For them, that is to say, there is someone to put in a good word. Besides, when you grow up with his father, a pimp, since childhood, subsequently acquire the necessary skills. All in the family all in the family.

Girls rarely work without a pimp. Many people have probably wondered about why do girls work with the pimps, and not take all the money. There’s a simple explanation: working with pimps suggests that they get a certain percentage of purchase, but at the same time take care of all practical concerns. To some extent, so much easier. Less hassle.

Pimps are not so afraid of arrest. You may seem, that the heads of prostitutes are constantly experiencing panic and looking around in fear to see in the distance the pursuer with half-closed eyes. In fact, they are not particularly worried that their work is not associated with the risk, as normally they did not participate in «deals», and to prove their involvement in illegal business is not so easy.

Most often, the brothels closed due to an undercover police officer. Most of the arrests of prostitutes is due to the secret work of the enemy within. Of course, if they manage to gather enough evidence of the illegality of what is happening.

Girls are recruited through social networks. In our days many things are done online. And prostitutes also employ in social networks. Many pimps have long mastered such a tool of selection of employees, so if you still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, it’s time to open your eyes: all these suspicious ambiguous ads girls of pleasant appearance on the Internet — not trying to find good waitresses and dancers.

Pimps don’t like the stereotype formed about them through the media. No, the typical pimp — it’s not the black guy in a leopard fur coat and huge Golden chain on his neck, riding a convertible along the sea and talking like a stoned teenager from Colorado. Although what is really there, some of them can really look that way. In addition, they do not like the English word «pimp», they indicate: it is not too cultural. Pimps are positioning themselves more as businessmen and not as criminals. Despite the fact that 49 of 50 States in the U.S. this business is illegal, it still exists in almost open, and its scale is impressive.

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