Energy loving touches in the paintings of Frida Castelli

Italy is the country of love, passion, romance and the birthplace of artist Frida Castelli. Her eloquent work caused a storm of emotions in the network, among which are the resentment of the puritans, and the approval of the connoisseurs of postmodern art. It is compared with Renoir, Rembrandt and even Picasso.

About the paintings of Frida Castelli

Italian artist paints in pastel colors. Making pencil sketches, it sets the overall dynamic pattern. Frida uses Kalinova ink for the background, creates shadows with colored pencils. Emphasizes outlines and bright accents with a Sharpie.

According to the artist, her paintings – the history of love, which at all times was and will be the strongest poetry of the soul.

The content of the illustrations will not leave indifferent any user. By some miracle or force of the talent of Frida Castelli manages to convey in paint the emotional content of intimacy. Here was a place beset the soul of loneliness, the heady passion, caring, tenderness.

The artist has managed to delicately touch on the subject close to everyone. After all, the spark of love ignited in the hearts of two, continues to illuminate the path of life, nezavisimo from the development of relations. Frida Castelli encourages all to cherish the love – the main value of humanity.

On Frida Castelli

Having gained fame thanks to the Internet, the artist is able to keep secret the biography and personality. She calls herself a public person. Frida Castelli have a blog on Instagram, a page on facebook and online resources of the Fund. Some details managed to find out a rare interview.

She paints in series, each dedicated to a specific period of life. Illustrations created during the period of separation, filled with unrealized tenderness of loneliness. A series of complete pictures, filled with a passion long-awaited meeting.

Series «Hotel room» illustrates the journey of an unnamed author. Paintings are a colorful variety, conveying the atmosphere of hotels. Road drawings convey the impatience of the lovers in the train, dreaming to retire in a hotel room. According to the author, these paintings are more than just travel notes.

Creative view of the world expressed in drawing, suddenly discovers not only the parts of the body. The artist conveys the daily reality in which he lives. It is noteworthy that all the paintings had red nail Polish. It turns out, Frida Castelli is a woman’s habit is to paint your nails red enamel. And she likes salty food and has Breakfast Focaccia, orange juice and takes his coffee without sugar.

The artist puts prints works for sale online and finishes the second volume of the book. She’s also working on a new project. In collaboration with renowned Italian jeweler Roberto Bottazzi creates a collection of jewelry.

Frida Castelli discovered the secret source of inspiration. According to the artist, all paintings are autobiographical in nature. Each story she lived alone or together with her boyfriend. The girl expresses drawings devotion to the beloved symbolizes the celebration of love. For her, painting is another way to Express feelings.

Restraint Illustrator online a matter of respect. She can’t bear for everyone to see his biography, place of study, does not specify his hometown. For the modern man such confidentiality is rare. Frida Castelli explains that all you need to know about it already expressed in the paintings. There is her face, sensations, feelings.

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