photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

The former participant of group «Shining» Anna Semenovich admitted that a few years ago really had surgery on his chest. However, the star assured that we are not talking about increasing that for many years suspected spiteful critics.

Sobyanin said that three years ago was forced to reduce the volume of the bust from the ninth to the fifth dimension. It turned out that she was diagnosed with gigantomastia — this put women with breast sizes from six and more. The cause of such magnificent forms was not only heredity, but also the stress with the subsequent hormonal imbalance, against which the u S. increased body mass, which could not be reflected on the chest.

«A friend advised doctors in the United States, which operates Hollywood stars» — quoted Semenovich «StarHit».

According to her, to decide on the operation made the desire to not only look good, but in the future to have children. Otherwise, after childbirth, «I’ll have dairy, and I can feed the whole country», joked the artist.

In the program «the Secret to a million» Sobyanin addressed the audience with a request not to judge people by appearance and remember that such discussions can severely injure a person. She said that when many were discussing her overly ample Breasts, she was «deeply unhappy».


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