Corporation Rosatom in the material for the 75th anniversary of the domestic nuclear industry has brought the story of a former employee of plant No. 817 (the code name for the first Soviet enterprise for the production of weapons-grade plutonium in Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region). Ninel Apatow remembered a curious incident that occurred in 1949 with the then curator of the atomic project Lavrenty Beria, who came with inspection.

She said that the trip of one of the first persons of the country from the beginning was not too good. First, it is strongly shaken up on a bad road on the way to the enterprise. While sleeping under Beria collapsed old bed. And when at the «Base-10» (future London) opened the first wooden theatre, Beria was robbed.

According to Ahatovoj, the performance brought together not only the chiefs and officers, but also inmates, were involved in works. The driver Beria was waiting for him in the car and apparently fell asleep. Someone from unreliable citizens was attracted by the «bedraggled cloak Beria» left in the car. Did the kidnapper to whom he is unknown, but the thing is killed.

The archival materials, which included the story Ahatovoj, it is said that Beria responded to the incident at the plant very suddenly. He not only did not punish anyone for theft, but upon returning to Moscow, instructed to provide employees proper food, and also sent some new furniture.

A former employee also shared his impressions of the meeting with Beria. Apatow said that it was not the way it was used to describe and count.

«All were tortured, not enough sleep, red eyes … Work, work, work», — stated in the woman’s story. She added that Beria was so absorbed in Affairs that «we, the beauties, and not even looking».


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