Ученые: талия больше 85 см приводит к слабоумию
photo: pixabay.com

Waist measurement is greater than 33.5 inches (85 cm) for women, or 35.5 inches (90 cm) for men risk of developing dementia, reports the Daily Mail, citing a study by researchers at Korea University in Seoul. Moreover, the risk of developing dementia depends on the width of the waist, not from the body mass index (BMI).

It is noted that were investigated 870 million people worldwide, compared the waist size and the incidence of dementia after 65 years. It turned out that there is a pattern: the larger the waist size, the greater the risk of developing. BMI in this case no role is not played. Even if people had normal BMI, but the waist was available for the fat, carry the threat of developing dementia.

It turns out that waist size is responsible abdominal visceral fat, which accumulates between the internal organs. As it is linked to the presence of this fat and the risk of developing dementia, has not yet been established. However, Korean scientists are convinced that there is a connection, and you must find her. It is highly likely that the process occurs indirectly. Obesity leads to diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and those in turn cause dementia.

Thus, waist circumference is a better indicator of excess fat than BMI. This is especially true for seniors, whose weight may stay the same, even if they have lost muscle due to aging and gaining weight.


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