photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

On the website of Roskomnadzor came the first test the list of Russian publications, which has repeatedly spread false news. Among publics in social networks, which spread various rumors after emergency contacts are listed and the largest known network projects — telegram-channel Mash, Lentech, Газета.RU and even RBC.

The Department explained that included in the list of sources that are more than two times were mentioned in the documents of the Prosecutor General’s office sent to Roskomnadzor for the purpose of execution of the law «On information».

For example, the public «Overheard Dzerzhinsk», created in a social network «Vkontakte» had 4 false messages and 30 comments about the emergency on the territory of GosNII «Kristall» in the city of Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region 01.06.2019. About the same events found in the inaccurate comments and «Newspaper.Ru» and «RBK» on the same network «Vkontakte». At that time, as was the media, have their own websites. In network «Vkontakte» these publications have their own pages, which simply provides links to materials websites. Apparently some readers of «Vkontakte» has left comments, but they were listed and respected publications.

In addition to the events in Dzerzhinsk, mostly false message in the list of Roskomnadzor relate to the riots in Chemodanovka, the situation in the city Tulun, a fire at an ammunition depot in the Achinsk district.


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