7 women with the biggest breast in the world

Mostly women dream of big Breasts. Having heard myths about the miraculous properties of cabbage, a beauty in pain, eating her, hoping to get hold of an impressive form, but all was in vain, and who by nature was destined to have a big chest, they got it, and the rest of the girls had to be content with what we have.

Though many pursue a large breast size, there are plenty of women happy to switch with sufferers their volumes, because large Breasts some problems: constant aching pain in the back, problems with the selection of clothing and gazes of men. Before you 7 recordsmens, among which you will find ladies with the biggest natural and artificial Breasts in the world.

Natural Breasts

Annie Hawkins-Turner

Around the world, the lady known by the name of Norm Particles. It has the official status of a record holder of the Guinness Book of records. Norma is the owner of the largest natural Breasts in the world, as a consequence of the large size bra.

The norm of the Particles is the stage name. The woman became famous not only because of my bust: it is also known for his work in modeling and film industry (starred in several adult films). However, the popularity did not stop the Norm to become a mother of two children.

Miosotis Claribel

The girl African-Spanish roots. Perhaps this fact influenced the development of such an impressive bust. The status of Miosotis as the owner of the biggest breast has not officially confirmed. However, that does not stop fans.

She is also famous for his work as a model, including photo shoots in the Nude.

Ting Jiafen

For Chinese women ting has just outrageous bust: after all, the Chinese women even a third and fourth breast size — is rare.

I must say that, unlike the above-mentioned owners of luxury busts, ting did not make a big bust by way of earnings. On the contrary, to improve living conditions (she had a persistent pain in the back, it was difficult for her to walk without assistance), she turned to plastic surgeons who carried out the corresponding action.

Victims of plastic surgery

Lolo Ferrari (Eve Valois)

French dancer, star of the porn industry. The girl was a French record holder of the Guinness Book of records. She was the owner of the biggest breast in the world: each breast weighed 2.8 kg!

Lolo has done more than 20 operations to increase bust. The result of operations was not only worldwide fame, but also health problems. The girl always had to take strong medicines. Eve Valois died at the age of 37 years in 2000.

Chelsea Charms

American model, stripper, exotic dancer and pornographic actress. In 2011 Chelsea Charms have become the record holder of the Guinness Book of records as the owner of the biggest breast in the world.

Nature has given Chelsea a fourth breast size. But the girl was not enough, and at the age of twenty she made her first operation to increase the bust. There were other operational interventions. During recent date set polypropylene breast implants. Their peculiarity is that they suck in water from the body and expand. Thus there is an increase of the bust. The application of these implants are banned in the EU and the United States, because it is very high risk of complications after such operations.

Sabrina Sabrok (Lorena Fabiana Colotta)

Sabrina always wanted to wear the title of the owner of the biggest breast in the world. She, in General, was a success: with more than a dozen plastic surgeries, she has achieved your goal. However, Sabrina is not going to stop there and not hide it. The exhortations of the doctors in this case (as well as all other) — inconclusive.

Sabrina — the famous Latin American TV presenter, model. In addition to Frank photo shoots, the girl also known as a musician: playing in the style electropunk in the band Primeras Impresiones. And Sabrina is a happy mother. In 2010 her son was born.

Biggest Breasts of Russia — Maria Zarring

Moscow beauty Maria (MIA) Tarring bears the proud title owner of the largest natural Breasts in Russia. The first «90» of Mary reached a size 12 than she’s very proud and says that such a chic bust got it from German ancestors.

An impressive chest, attracting everyone’s attention, he helps her to build a career in show business and gives a lot of proposals to participate in various photo shoots.

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