photo: Vladimir Chistyakov

Wednesday, November 27, the national actress Galina Polish celebrates 80-year anniversary. Congratulations to the actress received even from the Kremlin, fans, meanwhile, remember about the iconic role and the difficult fate of the star.

The personal life of a talented actress who started his career at a very young age, has not developed. The first tragedy is the early death of her husband Faik Hasanov, the Polish with which he met during his studies in VGIK. The death of the filmmaker was mysterious. So, the widow claimed that he was hit by a car near Odessa film Studio, where he worked on the film. However, friends Hasanov talked about a slightly different version. According to «StarHit» citing Stanislaus Chaplin, Hasanov became interested in alcohol and other women, and allegedly during the scandal with her husband’s mistress, fleeing, fell under the tram. The friend of the victim hinted that infidelity in this marriage was mutual.

Two years later, the Polish was married to the son of the Director of «Mosfilm» Alexander Surin, but material wealth does not bring happiness, and the actress left her husband while pregnant with their second daughter.

In recognition of the Polish, she subsequently discontinued all attempts to start a new novel, as the daughter was against a new relationship. In the end, the actress chose a family and a job, fully dedicating myself to them. Later, the grandson of Philip, whose fate also was tragic. The Polish reproaches himself for what proved the short-sightedness and gave the young man a motorcycle, which he had long dreamed of. On the bike Phillip was in an accident that resulted in amputation of the leg. «I blame myself for what happened,» admitted the actress.


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