Former Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash in her article for publication Stranaya researched a list of «Heavenly hundred» and found in it the people, the circumstances of the death which caused her suspicions.

Lucas admitted that the information collected may not be absolutely correct in connection with the difficulties in obtaining them. The ex-Minister said that not hurry to make conclusions? and urged his readers to do them. She analyzed the causes of death of people on the list and broke them into four groups. In the first part of the list includes people with unexplained reasons for the inclusion of the «Heavenly hundred». For example, in this group there is a man, who died from heart problems on the territory of independence Square, and a woman who died from allergies due to injection of lidocaine.

In the second part of the list of policies included the dead, not associated with the Maidan, in the third — the victims of injury and the fourth died from gunshot wounds. Lukash said that the fourth part came out the most popular, it consists of 69 people. The author said that it is still unknown who was involved in the murder


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