photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Actress Yana Poplavskaya, recently accepted a proposal of marriage to longtime lover, told about the preparations for the wedding. At Sloan actress, she and the groom would like to arrange a chamber event for the family. The celebration is scheduled for spring, there’s still time to slowly set everything up. In any case, nothing ambitious and provocative, the future spouses not exactly plan.

«The chamber, with the people, not like Volochkova and Sobchak,» said Poplavskaya the «StarHit», adding that «all this stuff» personally «enter into a state of stupor.»

According to the actress, she doesn’t understand why people throw such a massive, public, scandalous events, which, in her opinion, is no surprise.

«Reminiscent of a monkey theatre,» she added.

As for PR, it is also a questionable way to remind yourself, says Poplavskaya. She explained: the news about the controversial event is short-lived, and for her sake we have to organize a «disgrace».


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