NASA назвало даты возможного столкновения Земли с гигантским астероидом Апофис

NASA has named the date of the probable collision of the Earth with a giant asteroid Apophis, reports the Daily Star. This heavenly body, astronomers discovered in 2004. The near collision with our planet Apophis was scheduled in 2029.

However, the calculations had to be correct. Were identified 10 dates of a possible asteroid collision with the Earth. It could happen April 12, 2060, 11 APR 2065, April 12 2068 year 2068 Oct 10 years, April 13, 2076, April 13, 2077, 13 APR 2078 year 10 October year 2089, 2091 13 April and 14 April 2103.

NASA representatives revealed that during these dates, the asteroid will approach the Earth at a very close distance and fly past her at a speed of approximately 21 060 km/h. Impressive dimensions of this space object. The diameter of Apophis is 325 meters, weighs 280 million tons. Because of its huge size and high speed Apophis poses a serious danger for the Earth. The scientists added that, excluding the collision of the body with the Ground.


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