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International day cobbler

1904 — in St.-Petersburg inaugurated the Museum of Suvorov to the 175th anniversary of Suvorov’s birth, with the participation of Emperor Nicholas II. Suvorov became the first man in Russia, in whose honor was specially erected memorial Museum

1919 — in Grozny in Grozny newspaper printed an article by Mikhail Bulgakov’s «Future prospects». This is the first publication of the writer

1954 — on the screens out the film by Vladimir Vengerov, and Michael Schweitzer, «Dirk», based on the novel by Anatoly Rybakov, filmed at the Studio «Lenfilm».

1956 Vyacheslav Ivanov, who won at the Olympic games in Melbourne in rowing, during the procedure of awarding from the overflowing of his joy dropped the gold medal, which was drowned in the canal. One can imagine the chagrin of the champion, but the next day the local boys got from the bottom of her champion


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