In mid-November in Moscow, a young mother with two children fell out of Windows of flats. A couple of days before that, another mom posted a resonant Instagram post, where she said that she was asked to leave the Tretyakov gallery, when she tried to discreetly feed the baby breast.

I think these events have nothing to do with each other?

So it was that in this age of technology and trying to catch up with the «progressive West,» the woman that gave birth to the child, was in a very vulnerable position. Trivial access to the supermarket with the stroller turns into an obstacle course. On this strip at each turn, meets «referee» of the people, perepechatyvali woman assesses judgment: «Where are you going with a child in the season of influenza?!»

«I consider myself to blame,» — said the mother of two children to a psychologist for two weeks before to go out the window. And who is to blame really? Try to understand.


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