photo: Alexander Astafyev

Former husband of the singer Natalia the Saltykov composer Pavel Smeyan once tried to kill her as soon as I heard that she intends to leave him, the actress said in the program «Hello, John». Marriage with Zmianom was one of the hardest.

In private life he was a tyrant. He often mocked the Saltykov. He was «angry and insecure» people, who are often frustrated by Natalia. Herself she then describes as «an inexperienced child». Laugh often drank, and after a glass of alcohol become very aggressive.

Once Vetlitskaya husband was coming to the party, where laugh managed to «gain.» The woman said to him in the way that it did not intend more to live with him. Then he attacked Saltykov, threw her to the floor, sat on her and started to choke, shouting that he would kill her. All this was already in the house. To cries of Vetlitskaya was not heard, laugh had music on full volume. At some point, the Saltykov managed to escape and escape from apartment. She ran to the neighbors and called the police.

When the officer arrived, she told him that her husband will not go. The policeman entered the house and found lying on the table knife. «He wanted to kill me if I returned it myself» — said Saltykov. After this incident, the singer was all bruises and bruises. She became afraid to walk the streets for fear of attacks by the ex-spouse. This continued for several years.

Over time, they reconciled. And in 2009 Smeyan died from pancreatic cancer.


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