Preparing for return to the Russian scene Natalia Vetlitskaya the TV channel «Russia-1» told about his daughter Uliana, who was born to 40 years in France. The name of the father of the girl, the singer refused to name, but admitted that the birth of the child has not made her happy.

«Maybe I’m not like all women, I may be wrong. But I didn’t want children. It seemed to me that it’s a wild responsibility and that it is terribly burdensome. Children are rough», — said the artist.

According to Natalia, the birth of a child life no longer belongs to the parent. «Starting to worry about him every second,» said 55-year-old Vetlitskaya.

Until the last moment the singer was in real estate in Spain. Return concerts in Russia made her a generous offer, one of the production companies.


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