photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Concert Director of the famous singer Sofia Rotaru Sergei Lavrov commented on the «baiting» people’s artist of the USSR, which allegedly began in Russia.

«We think that, most likely, it was some kind of order,» he said. According to him, Rotaru only once came to the «Song of the year» just because in Ukraine the martial law was declared. Men were banned from leaving the country, and Sofia Mihajlovny «a team in which there are men,» writes

In addition, he called slander all the rumors that rotary funded «any war». According to Lavrov, is «just false information, which can be submitted to the court.» However, Rotaru a non-confrontational and will not do.

Also concert Director of the singer noted that all of the accusations that Rotaru travels to Russia to work is not true.

Earlier, the publicist Anatoly Wasserman said he believes Rotaru «truly great» and her millions in royalties for the performances — absolutely justified. The Wasserman wondered, «where it (the fee) will go.» He also reminded that rotary donated APU a large sum of money during the military operation in the Donbass.

Before that, the Federation Council, urged Russians not to go to concerts Rotaru.


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