The leader of group «the dune» Victor Rybin, the TV channel «Russia 1» recalled his first marriage. At 18 he married a girl named Catherine. A year later they divorced.

He called the event «the marriage of youngsters». «I was sent to serve in Kamchatka. Once she arrived to me from Moscow and was in a light shock. Plus I started to drink there. In the end, she got tickets and flew back. I faked a business trip certificate and went to return it. Came, began to speak. Suddenly she calls me Nicky. It turned out that she already had nick,» recalls fish.

According to the artist, he was just a little dazed. «I went to his home in Dolgoprudny. I asked my mom what to do. And she told me that people in my life will be a lot more and asked not to worry», — said Victor.

From a prolonged depression pulled him friends. «Buddy, who at 25 was already divorced for the third time, repeated the words of mother», — summed up artist.


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