The singer Vera Brezhneva, which recently was lucky enough to be in the center of the scandal with the «love triangle», broke the silence.

Previously, the tabloids wrote that the husband of actress — producer Konstantin Meladze — allegedly entered into a relationship with a «successor» Brezhneva. Allegedly, the new «blonde of Viagra» Eric Herceg became his lover, and Brezhnev found out and removed from all social networks joint photo with her husband.

Singer some time kept not to pay attention to hurtful gossip. One can not cope with emotions and commented on assumptions of subscribers, her husband has always been a «guest marriage». «What kind of guests you have in mind?» — outraged Brezhnev. She said, and rumors about «cheating» a husband is ridiculed: what, is he Superman! So much work, so many projects, active participation in the life of his wife — and even on «mistresses» time and energy remain! Sarcasm appreciated by fans and wished the Belief of happiness in personal life.

But the artist really has ceased to publish a photo with her husband, although previously sometimes posted touching photos in Instagram. Old pictures deleted, it is never regained on the page. Although he continued in public to behave as if nothing had happened and insisted that family life perfectly.

According to «StarHit», Brezhnev responded to the comments under your posts, where readers discussed her allegedly held the divorce. But to the surprise of fans, the singer did not deny the version about the breakup, like you did before.

Star snapped to subscribers:»You care so much?» — leads the publication the quote.


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