Photo: Instagram reginatodorenko.

29-year-old Ukrainian leader of the program «heads and tails» Regina todorenko and her husband, singer Vlad Topalov, with whom the star married in October last year, visited and Dmitry Dibrov, the TV show «Who wants to be a millionaire?». There they answered not only the questions of the quiz, but also told the leader about his family life and his son Michael.

Regina told that the son, who will soon be 11 months, learnt to stand without support. It deals with the Pope, who at first did not know what to do with the child, and is now so involved that not only goes with Michael on toddlers ‘ swimming, but just walking, feeding and even changing the baby.

«Vlad runs through the kitchen at a gallop, shouting «I’ll change!»», — leads portal Starhit words of Todorenko. Regina added that several times Vlad is done with the guests, causing them considerable surprise.

Todorenko also admitted that he never thought that with the advent of the child will be very exciting. disturbing, so «crazy mother».

Also, the owner of a beautiful figure Dibrova was struck by the fact that feeding Michael breast.

«Yes, of course I feed him. Feed the need, the chest only gets better!», — said TV presenter.


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