photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Russian singer Olga Buzova published in his Instagram a candid shot where she appeared in a dark blue bikini and shorts standing on a bridge in the center of St. Petersburg. Behind Buzova one can see recognizable shapes evening Peter. The singer just said the scene, not providing the any comments. However, fans Buzova decided that the way she said the last concert of the tour, which gave in his hometown.

According to media reports, Buzova stopped not his mother, not his sister, but in a hotel in the centre of the Northern capital. Apparently there and the photo was taken in front of the Neva river and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. In the comments users wonder how in the cold you can play out like this.

However, some subscribers Buzova expressed surprise at the appearance of the singer in lingerie in the center of the city: «I do Not understand. Are you naked in the center? Where are you?», «Magic Peter and His pants on», «I don’t know you’re there,on the street in shorts that you go?».

Also, many comments expressed gratitude to the singer for the concert.


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