photo: a frame from the video

Arrived in the Village Lugansk in the «gray» zone in the Donbass, the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky visited the renovated bridge, and was confused because posted on it flags of the Luhansk national Republic, Ukrainian media reported.

Zelensky met with local residents and authorities. Seeing the abundance of blue-blue-red flag on the bridge, Zelensky was outraged. He noted that these flags no relation to Ukraine are not. «In the near future we have another challenge still is to remove. We are Ukrainians and we have the yellow-blue flag,» says Zelensky, adding that it is very important.

Zelensky told reporters that the bridge will be open in 2-3 days. The head of the administration later said the President, telling him that the bridge is actually already working. Probably, the Ukrainian leader spoke about the event on the official opening of the bridge, but it should be held in conjunction with the LC.

Earlier in the Village of Lugansk was made the withdrawal of forces by both sides. Ukraine has taken on the task to repair the destroyed bridge. As the object turned out to be flags LC, remains a mystery. The bridge itself is in a border area.


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