Experts have found that up to 80% of Russian managers and entrepreneurs working in the vacation

Mango Telecom

Only two out of every ten Russian managers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to unload their vacation, the majority continue to work and on vacation. Such statistics, conducted a survey of its customer audience, was the operator of telephony for business «Mango Telecom».

Most often, the question «do you Work from home?» respondents answered in the affirmative, stating that check my emails and messages from colleagues, but attention ready to give urgent cases (36%).

32% of respondents indicated that the rest are all a little different from the routine: «Call, write, ask them to explain something to agree on — like in any vacation and don’t quit.»

Fundamentally opposed to having to work while on vacation, expressed by 21% of respondents stating that they read emails and chats, but calls from the office and from clients do not respond.

Finally, 11% reported that leisure travelers do «matters to which the work of reach».

«Technology is able to literally erase the boundaries of communication. And on the one hand, this is an incredible opportunity to accelerate decision-making, but constant availability to colleagues, superiors or customers can be a powerful stress factor, not allowing to relax. It turns out the man never leaves the environment where there is tension,» — said the HR Director at Mango Telecom and an expert on labor efficiency Irina Koroleva.

She advises completely abandon work for the rest.

«For example, there’s an app that connects to a virtual PBX redirects to the mobile all calls from office phone — both internal and external, messages from the corporate messenger, invitations to video chats, a notification from the internal communication channels. For the workflow this is a common thread, but their employees I suggest to suspend him for the holidays,» says the Queen.

If you completely avoid working relationship is not an option, even though their dosing.

«Option, the expert advises, is to set the time for the daily conference call and a short briefing by video link, during which discussion of important issues, then the status is set to «do Not disturb» until the next day and the next briefing».

A survey of the clients of the operator of telephony for business «Mango Telecom» on the subject of work during a holiday was carried out in the period from 15 August to 1 September 2019. It was attended by more than 150 heads of Russian companies.

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