Sergey Volnukhin (1859-1921) — sculptor, academician of the Imperial Academy of arts

Valery Vostrotin (1952) — military leader, President of the Union of paratroopers of Russia, hero of the Soviet Union

Zinaida Gippius (1869-1945) — poet, writer, playwright and literary critic

Yuri Davydov (1924-2002) — a writer, a master of historical prose («southern Cross», «Blue tulips»)

Sergei Polunin (1989) is a ballet dancer

Edwin Hubble (1889-1953), astronomer and cosmologist, in honor of the Hubble space telescope is named, put into orbit in 1990

Lev Chernenko (1951) — first Deputy chief editor of the newspaper «Russian news»

Kirill Chistov (1919-2007) — folklorist, ethnographer, corresponding member of RAS


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