photo: Lily Sharlovskoe
Kudryavtseva Lazarev and after relations, 2014

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev began a new round of indirect conflict with a colleague Leroy Kudryavtseva.

Earlier, the father of Jeanne Friske was at the center of discussion of his personal life because of the upcoming wedding with new lover. Spiteful critics taunted, «girlfriend» is just a cover as supposedly Shepelevo quite interesting women. In response to the attacks, he swiped a colleague who had previously been accused of having an affair with singer Sergey Lazarev was a «contract» to say: Lazarev prefers men, but Kudryavtseva he creates the image of a macho.

«Of course, is a cover. I Leer suggested, but she couldn’t,» said the Shepelev, commenting on the same rumor about himself.

Kudryavtsev was outraged by this statement, because, as it turned out, they are not friends, but a colleague at the TV screen found it possible to publicly discuss her personal life behind her back. She left the remark unanswered, and threatened, too, to start writing of revelation. Kudryavtseva has hinted that she has something to tell, but for now she is silent for the sake of the young son Friske of Palatana.

Shepelev is published a video. He expressed surprise that «some take it personally, take offense, rude».

«The irony has not been canceled,» — said TV presenter.


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