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A heart attack can happen to young people if they do not follow their health status, said the Russian cardiology channel «360». So they commented on the death of the scientist and ex-Deputy of the state Duma Nikita Isayev in the train, EN route from Tambov.

Heart surgeon Vladimir khoroshev told that he had different patients, a 35 – year, 45-year-old. If 25-35 to ignore the signals coming from the body, the consequences can be very serious.

Once a person feels irregularities in heart rhythm, then he should immediately consult a doctor and not wait for the onset of more dangerous consequences. There are such surveys as a Holter monitoring, it allows you to discover irregularities in the heart. If to follow him, we can live up to 80 years or more, said the expert.

To avoid health problems, it is necessary first of all to abandon the use of alcohol and Smoking. If a person became ill, he needs to undo your shirt collar to bring the room and give a sweet drink.

Cardiac surgeon Dmitry Napalkov added that once a person became ill, need to get him to the clinic. Doctors have 10 minutes to save the patient. The defibrillator does not guarantee the salvation of man, as they still need to know how to use it. Also, to save people, not to be indifferent. «I saw that man fell, he in any case is wrong. Something happened — either a stroke or a heart attack. Call an ambulance,» added the doctor.


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