Gennady Vetrov (1958) — entertainer, actor, comedian, satirist and musician

Mikhail Vodopyanov (1899-1980) — the pilot, a member of the rescue crew of the steamship «Chelyuskin», a participant of the Arctic and high-latitude expeditions, one of the first Heroes of the Soviet Union

John Down (1828-1896) — geneticist who first described the syndrome and named it «Mongolism»

Wolfgang Joop (1944) — the famous German fashion designer, founder of the fashion house and cosmetics JOOP

Eldar Ryazanov (1927-2015) — film Director, screenwriter, actor, poet, playwright, broadcaster, teacher and producer, people’s artist of the USSR

Chloe sevigny (1974) — model and actress («American psycho,» «zodiac»).

Oleg Tolkachev (1948) — statesman and political figure

Oleg Yakovlev (1969-2017) — singer, actor, former soloist of group «Ivanushki International»


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