«Men, beware!»: 6 types of girls with whom it is better not to communicate

Women’s soul — the darkness… Especially if we are talking about first dates, when the lady has played the required role in order to charm your Beau. However, even at the first meeting you can learn about companion something interesting. For example, what type of women she belongs and whether to continue with her communication.

In detail, the following 6 types of girls, from which men should stay away. Read and memorize!

The girl

Perhaps one of the most harmless types of women presented in this article. Girl-girl — Amateur clubs and parties — it is there and not at home she spends all of her free time. She has virtually no permanent friends, because her circle of communication expands with each new trip to the club. While the girl-girl a lot of fans who are not averse to hooking up with her on the dance floor or buy a couple of cocktails.

If you met a girl, you can not count on a long-term relationship. God knows when it will end «club marathon» and what will happen then. To create a happy and strong family with such a lady is unlikely about such usually say «not developed».

Obsessed with mysticism

You don’t believe in the supernatural? But she believes, soul and heart. So if on the first date the girl asks you what’s your sign, think of this as a red flag. To live with such a lady under one roof is incredibly difficult.

The first difficulties begin with the placement of the furniture strictly according to Feng Shui and will conclude with the invitation to the house of an exorcist, which will expel from him the evil spirits. Don’t even try anything to prove, you better run before it’s too late. Otherwise there is a risk of becoming a prototype for the Voodoo doll.

Daddy’s girl

If the father of your girl high-ranking official, a tough businessman or the heir to an oil Empire, don’t even try to charm her. A girl the rest of your life is the umbilical cord attached to the wallet of his dad, because from early childhood she was accustomed to a luxurious, carefree life, and something to surprise her you are unlikely to succeed.

Of course, if you do not earn two times more her father. Otherwise do not even dream to take first place in her life.

Forever young

This category includes girls who are always «a little over 18». These ladies are hiding from the people your real age, the whole day applied to the face layers of anti-aging cream and faint at the sight of a new wrinkle. The care of their appearance becomes the goal of life, so between trips to the beauty they have is hardly enough time for you.

If you do decide to have a relationship with this lady, be prepared for the rest of my life working at her beauticians, stylists and massage therapists.

Early matured

Of course, this statement is not for all girls who early began to be sexually active. But usually these ladies do not differ special intelligence, and health they have from school a big problem. It is not excluded that at only 19 she has had a couple of abortions, and the number of her sexual partners was three times more than the number of all your friends-women.

However, to delve into her past you shouldn’t. Think about it: this girl lost her virginity, when you guys were playing in the yard at the same time. There is a risk to learn a lot of unnecessary and unpleasant information. It is better to run like hell away from her or to ask more questions.

Married and bored

One of the most dangerous types of women. Although it would seem, learned that the companion single — cut bait and run. But away from such ladies can not all, because they are so sophisticated and skillfully manipulating men, making them believe in the development of relations and happy future together.

In fact, married and bored will never leave her husband. And why go from a person who does not see her adultery and love her with all my heart? She just wanted to «unwind» and she met you.

Have you faced personally with the girls from this list?

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