10 most powerful aphrodisiacs and their incredible stories

Oysters, avocados, chocolate, honey… Perhaps, everyone ever heard about aphrodisiacs, awakens passion. But far fewer know why these foods are considered so popular among lovers. Each of them has its own fascinating story.

According to rumors the famous lover Casanova ate for Breakfast fifty oysters to after-dinner climb into the bed of love. In Ancient Rome, oysters were a must to treat the orgies, doctors prescribed them as a cure for impotence. What is so suffered poor mollusks? It turns out that just the appearance. Open the oyster resembles the female labia.
Another reason is the peculiarities of the breeding of this creature. Oyster shoots directly into the water stream of liquid containing germ cells, which will be envied by every man. Apparently, the ancient physicians believed that this ability is passed on to everyone who eats them.
Have oysters and its mythological history. According to legend, Aphrodite — the goddess of love and passion arose from the sink and it got to the shore. Since then, shellfish was considered to be sacred animals, and the pearl – a magical stone helps in love.

Louis XIV was very fond of avocado and was sure that they increase his libido. The avocado soft and creamy texture that creates a unique sensual experience. But that green fruit like wrinkled skin was considered an aphrodisiac, «guilty» again appearance. The fact that these fruits grow on the branches in pairs, and it resembles a certain part of the male body. The Aztecs called this fruit the same word, which are called the testicles.
When the Spaniards met with the Aztec culture, avocados are well established as the fruit of love. And the mariners simply could not bring to Europe the fruit with the same name. They renamed it «alligatora pear» that was decent than the original name. In the end, settled the name «avocado», indicating the similarity of the fruit with bird eggs. And the glory of the avocado as a fruit, exciting passion, and reached to the present day.

Nuts are known as an aphrodisiac since the time of Ancient Greece. No wonder the sugared almonds are traditional food at weddings in many countries. The Greeks blessed young almonds to ensure a fruitful Union. Legend says that an unmarried girl, dreaming about marriage, should keep an almond under her pillow. In Morocco the bride after the wedding night gives the almonds children, to secure good fortune in the birth and upbringing of the heirs.
In India, the phenomenon of a person of the opposite sex almond is a direct offer of love. The connection between almonds and reproductive functions dates back to the Bible. Numbers 17: 1-8 tells the story of wands, the data to the Israelites. Aaron was given a rod to kind of Levi and his rod blossomed and zapadnoj almonds, which meant that his family is blessed and will last forever.

Another product whose history dates back to Aphrodite. According to legend, she brought up the first pomegranate tree in Cyprus. This fruit is just made to be a symbol of fertility. Opened pomegranate is full of bright juicy grains, the color of blood. Red as the blood of a virgin, pomegranate juice ties it with another Greek goddess – the Hero.
Seven pomegranate seeds Hades gives to Persephone, so she could return to him in the underworld. The Greeks believed that with the arrival of Persephone to the surface of the associated spring awakening all living things, and in the time that she spends in the lower Kingdom, winter is coming.

Bufadienolide (from lat. bufo — toad) – substances that cause hallucinations. They are produced by the skin glands of some species of frogs. Particularly brave adventurers licking the skin of toads in order to dive into a hallucinogenic state. In the nineties of the last century, a narcotic drug derived from the secret glands of toads, called the chain of death.
People have died after swallowing the drug, they choked, and they have a heart. The Chinese have successfully used this drug for many centuries. Jang, su – a potion made of toad toxins, reduces swelling and dulls sensation, but also enhances orgasms when applied topically to certain parts of the body. Makes you wonder, where did the tale of the frog Princess: a kiss leads to hallucinations and associated sensory stimulation.

Rhino horn
In the early twentieth century, the number of rhinos on the Ground was about half a million. The beginning of the XXI it was reduced to a few thousand, and continued to decline. The poachers cut off the Rhino for a single part of his body.
In Chinese medicine, Rhino horn is used for a variety of purposes – from evil spirits, poisoning, arthritis, colds and fever, from snake bites. Have you noticed that in this list there is nothing about initiation and fertility? It is, Rhino horn is an aphrodisiac has never been considered. This is a Grand misunderstanding, a mistake, it is not clear when and by whom was first made in the fifties. In the 1960s, a false theory has been widely quoted, especially after she repeated the famous anthropologist Louis Leakey.
The fact that somehow can link a Rhino horn with a male power – the use of a dagger with a handle of Rhino horn in the rite of initiation of boys in the middle East. The ancient Greeks believed that the horn detoxifies poisons the Persians that the liquid poured into a glass of Rhino horn will bubble if it has poisons. But there is nothing about sexual arousal.

Box of chocolates in the shape of a heart has long been a attribute of Valentine’s Day. Chocolate promotes the production of serotonin, the «happiness hormone», but no substances that cause sexual arousal, scientists have not yet found. In small doses, chocolate is just a treat. However, it is always at the top of the list of aphrodisiacs. The first mention of chocolate belongs to the era of the Mayans and the Aztecs. In both civilizations, it was used in the form of a drink. Solid chocolate is a much later invention. Found many records about the role of chocolate in Mayan culture.
It was public, but was considered in this case, the drink of the gods. The chocolate was a mandatory part of the rituals of engagement and marriage. But chocolate was involved not only in the joyous ceremonies. The Aztecs sacrificed people. And sacrifices just pumped chocolate drink to boost their readiness for the rite. The seeds of the chocolate was so valuable that it was used as currency. The Aztecs considered chocolate a gift of Quetzalcoatl — he stole it from the gods and gave to people, for which he was expelled from the Aztec Paradise.

Lettuce — anti-aphrodisiac
Some products can be called anti-aphrodisiacs. In Ancient Greece, the wife gave the husband a salad, if you wanted to cool it down and send the message: «keep your hands to yourself.» Lettuce suffered such a fate due to the role that he played in the story of Aphrodite and Adonis, her beloved mortal. Their love story is tragic. Erimanthos, the son of Apollo, spied on them, and was turned into a boar. In this way he attacked Adonis in the lettuce field. And killed the young man.
Aphrodite removed the deathbed of his beloved leaves of lettuce, salad forever linked with the theme of death and impotence. And other lover of Aphrodite, the FAON, suffered the same fate.Nikandr Kalifonsky cemented salad his evil reputation, transferring information from myth to pseudo-science. He asserted that a salad makes a man impotent, as if he first wanted a woman.

The most powerful aphrodisiac is honey. Even the first, most romantic period of their lives is called the «honeymoon» in honor of the intoxicating honey drink that the ancient Greeks used to increase libido. The tradition of a honeymoon dates back to ancient Persia, where the couple had thirty days after the wedding to drink honey every night. The tradition was so strong that the honor for the birth of a child conceived in this month, attributed to the producer of the Mead.
It contains many nutrients that contribute to the health of the reproductive system. It relieves stiffness and helps to initiate on our wedding night. Mead — the first and most common alcoholic beverage. It drank the Celts, the Aztecs and Mayans.

Probably the most unexpected aphrodisiac is garlic. It would seem, what could be more disgusting smell of garlic from the partner. The more interesting the history of this aphrodisiac. The Talmud instructs couples to use the garlic on Fridays, the traditional day of the execution of marital debt. This increases the production of semen, all over her body poured warm feeling of happiness. Besides, it is believed that garlic extinguishes the jealousy and helps people become closer.
Otherwise belonged to an odorous product other cultures. Muslims believe garlic and onions are the spawn of Satan. The ancient Greeks and Romans did not tolerate its smell. In India garlic is considered unworthy of the higher castes.Have garlic and dark history — the Nazi Third Reich was determined by the Jews the smell of garlic. So the strongest aphrodisiac has also become a marker of death.

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