16 NOV

Alexander Kolchak (1874-1920) — the scientist-oceanographer, polar Explorer, Admiral, head of the White movement

Anatoly Dobrynin (1919-2010) — diplomat, Ambassador of the USSR in the USA

Genrikh Borovik (1929) journalist, screenwriter, novelist

Robert Amirkhanyan (1939) — composer and social activist

Sergey Galanin (1961) — rock musician, songwriter, singer, founder of the group «Serga»

Igor Kornelyuk (1962) — singer, composer and television host, honored art worker of the Russian Federation

Alexander Popov (1971) — a swimmer, four-time Olympic champion, honored master of sports of the USSR

17 NOV

François Appert (1749-1841) — the inventor of canned food

Dmitry Brusnikin (1957-2018) is a theatre and film Director, actor, writer, theater teacher, honored artist of Russia («the call of the heart», «St. Petersburg secrets»)

Danny DeVito (1944) — actor, Director and producer

Sophie Marceau (1966) — actress and Director

Alexander Novoselov (1884-1918) was a writer, anthropologist, statesman and political figure

Martin Scorsese (1942) — Director, actor, screenwriter and producer, winner of the award «Oscar» («Taxi driver», «Casino», «the Aviator»)

Victor Tatar (1939) — television and radio host, actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation


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