The world day of struggle against diabetes

International day of speech therapy

The day of sociologist in Russia

1889 the American journalist Nelly bly traveled around the world, competing with the hero of Jules Verne. Even to repeat such a fantastic for those times achieve seemed unheard of, but Nellie bly exceeded it, having traveled around the Earth in 72 days 6 hours 10 minutes 11 seconds. The record of Phileas Fogg beaten!

1969 — the premiere of the animated puppet film directed by Roman Kachanov «Crocodile Gena» produced by the film Studio «Soyuzmultfilm». The movie was filmed based on the book by Eduard Uspensky «Crocodile Gena and his friends»

1989 — the Soviet Union adopted a Declaration on the recognition illegal and criminal repressive acts against peoples subjected to forcible resettlement

1994 — opened traffic between Paris and London via a tunnel under the English channel.


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