Dear reader, I bet after seeing this title, you thought something indecent, prematuree. You made a mistake; the word with the letter «b» is for soup.

Why don’t you come up with this beautiful Russian-Ukrainian, world-famous food? Who is to blame that your head is Packed full to the brim obscene words?

Discussion about the Russian language and who is allowed to reason about it, thank God, seem to have subsided. But whatever angry words may sound on TV to address the detractors and cave Russophobia (© Vladimir Putin), on the street, nothing has changed. And schools have not changed, and in the subway, and… in General there was not one letter’s language has not changed.

But for the past 20 years changes have been significant. Even in the dashing 1990s boys to girls did not say is now said to girls when boys.

And radio and television presenter did say so, as it is now. The rapid growth of obscene language in the public space was launched on 24 September 1999. Then, 20 years ago, the Prime Minister said «we will soak in the toilet» — it’s scary for everyone. And it wasn’t even a hard threat to terrorists, namely to free people’s speech. Your! In a Board!

It took 15 years, began something to ban, passed a law that declared obscene four words, although there are only three. Well, a little confused. Child back is not stuffed.


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