Scientists have learned why women become prostitutes: the answer will surprise you very much

There is a perception that women become prostitutes due to serious life difficulties that prevent them from other earnings. However, scientists from Purdue University, USA, did not settle for guesses and conducted a social experiment in which he found, what other reasons beautiful ladies devote themselves to the oldest profession.

The results of the study come as a major surprise, because, as it turned out, women begin to sell their bodies not because of the unfortunate fate.

The service sector is shrouded with many mysteries and myths. For example, one of them says that all prostitutes are the victims of an unhappy fate in this business came from despair.

Doctor of social psychology Justin Lemire tried to figure out why this is happening actually. He has undertaken a study of 200 sex workers who revealed to him the true causes of prostitution.

It turned out that many of these girls decide to become prostitutes voluntarily. This profession seemed to them interesting and profitable. Having worked in this field for some time and having time to evaluate all the pros and cons, they admit that they do not regret their choice.

It should be noted that the study was conducted in Switzerland, where prostitution is legal. According to Dr. Lemire, in countries where this business is prohibited, the survey results could be different.

In its report Lemelle shared such data:

the average age of prostitutes — 32.1 years;

the average age when girls began to engage in prostitution — 23,1;

how many days a week the average working prostitute — 4.3 days;

the average number of customers per week — 13,5;

average weekly wage — 1305 dollars (87,5 thousand roubles).

The study also revealed that 25.4 per cent of girls working in the streets, and the rest in special saloons and brothels. Among the 200 respondents, more than half (55.4 per cent) stated that they would like to change the type of activity, but due to certain life circumstances can’t do it.

As for the reasons for choosing this profession, women said the following:

37.3 per cent choose to do this consciously and completely happy with it;

28,5% are unable to find other ways of earning;

26,4% thus support the family budget;

24.4% of the have started to sell body to pay off debts;

22.3 per cent are working to buy drugs;

8.3% of raising money for education.

5.7% of the financial help to the partner;

1.6% of prostitution has attracted third parties.

Your study doctor Lemelle wanted to show that in most cases the violent coercion of girls into prostitution is just a myth. In fact, this profession many women choose to pity or condemn them for this choice is not necessary.

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