Beautiful agony frankness without exposure

The project «Beautiful agony» began as a multimedia experiment to test the hypothesis that the sensuality and eroticism in the pictures does not depend on the naked body and seductive poses, but from… faces. Project creators interested in those, whether the person taken at the time natural, not mock orgasm to surpass the hard-core pornography.

«Beautiful agony» — fixing the last Bastion of intimate – orgasm. We don’t see what people are doing in the pictures and how they do it. But it’s incredibly sexy.

Given that pornography evolved a few thousand years, in parallel with other trends of culture, it could be more sophisticated and refined.

But instead of refinement and sophistication, the industry has become stiff and obscene image of the sexual act.

As if the people making porn don’t quite understand what human sexuality.

Although photographers are becoming more creative, enhanced by new technology, they forgot the very essence of eroticism, having exchanged her at the plate and the obsession with extremes.

The pornography industry is not perceived as a valuable cultural genre, it lacks real talent, but because pornography is short-term.

Well, in what other industry are investing so little money in quality product and customer experience?

And in 2003, some «minds» in this area organized the project «Agony», where you can see lots of videos created by those who like this theory about persons.

The results were amazing. It soon became obvious that Agony survives, so the organizers of the online began to pay its customers, and the proceeds be shared equally.

Then pictures and video pushed from all over the world.

A couple of years project, «Agony» turned in the direction of their own participants to know what drives them.

The site was added to the «Confession» in which project participants share their thoughts and confessions about what they find sexy.

These pictures are not just unusual. It is a sincere and sometimes funny look at human sexuality the beginning of the XXI century.

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