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The construction of «Nord stream — 2» will be completed by the end of 2019, said Mario Mehren, the head of the German company’s oil and gas production of Wintershall Dea, which is involved in the project. He noted that after obtaining permission from the Danish there were no more obstacles to the end of the laying of the pipeline. Meren also stressed that in the winter to work harder because of the deteriorating weather conditions, but this factor is taken into account in the construction schedule. Meanwhile, experts say that now the main task of the operator «Nord stream — 2» — removal of the pipeline from the scope of the Third energy package of the EU.

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The head of the German company’s oil and gas production of Wintershall Dea Mario Mehren said that the construction of «Nord stream — 2» will be completed by the end of 2019. He noted that the resolution of Denmark for laying the pipeline on the continental shelf of the country became the last link, and now nothing prevents the implementation of the project.

«Resolution of Denmark is the last link, now the project has all the approvals. If I am not mistaken, the Danish part — 140 km, that is, for the two branches is 280 km. I am sure that the construction work will be completed this year», — quotes TASS Meren.

However, the head of the company called the timing of the start of pipeline installation on the Danish site. He explained that with winter approaching in the Baltic deteriorating weather conditions and work becomes more difficult, however this was taken into account in the construction schedule.

On 30 October, the Danish energy Agency issued a permit for the laying of «Nord stream — 2» to the South-East of the island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea.


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Leading expert of the national energy security Fund, lecturer of Financial University under the government of Russia Igor Yushkov said that the completion of the pipeline construction has become more technical. He explained that on completion of the laying of the pipes requires about four weeks, but yet Germany itself is not ready to receive gas, «Nord stream — 2».

«This is not so important, you will have time to finish before December 31 or it will be in early January — February, because the infrastructure in Germany is not ready for gas «Northern stream — 2». The Europeans on their territory, the continuation of the «Nord stream — 2″ he did not complete it,» explained Yushkov in an interview with RT.

Recall the «Nord stream — 2» represents the two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year, stretching from the Russian coast via the Baltic sea to Germany. The pipeline passes through the exclusive economic zone and territorial waters of five countries — Germany, Denmark, Russia, Finland and Sweden.

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Against the construction of the pipeline performs the Ukraine, which fears the loss of income from the transit of Russian gas, and also the USA, the EU promotes its liquefied natural gas. In addition, the Russian side has faced difficulties because of the EU Gas Directive that extends requirements of the Third energy package on the offshore gas pipelines coming into the EU from third countries.

The third energy package envisages that the operator of any international gas pipeline in Europe, must reserve half its capacity for third-party fuel suppliers. Initially it was about the pipes laid on land, but in may of 2019, the EU expanded the requirements and the corresponding infrastructure, walking on the sea floor.


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The European Commission argues that the Directive is designed to comply with the energy security and to ensure the absence of monopoly, however, experts believe that this measure is directed specifically against the «Nord stream — 2».

Recall that Germany has made to the decision to exclude any project of these rules were not made by Brussels and the EU country on whose territory the pipeline goes. Members of the Bundestag introduced a bill according to which the requirements of the Third energy package will not extend to foreign pipelines if they had been financed before may 23, 2019, which corresponds to the «Nord stream — 2». However, during the first consideration for the adoption of the bill did not have enough votes. Re the discussion document to be held November 13.

Igor Yushkov, in conversation with RT confirmed that the Third energy package — this is a problem that needs addressing. He noted that in may 2018 the Europeans used the antitrust laws as sanctions. According to the expert, Europe is technically distributed the Third energy package for all offshore pipelines, but in fact innovation were only the «Nord stream — 2».

«That is no other pipeline in practice do not fall under this regulation, in addition to Russian. And then, on the one hand, «Gazprom» yesterday has filed a lawsuit to the European Union that it devalues the investment and forbidden Energy Charter of the EU… completed, and the main objective for Gazprom is to bring the «Nord stream — 2″ from the Third energy package», — said the expert.

He noted that Russia will have to put pressure on the EU to demand that he not have tried to use antitrust law as a sanction package.

«The struggle will be long, but we have the experience of a positive outcome of such cases», —concluded the expert.

Recall that on 11 November it became known that the operator of the project «Northern stream — 2» 2 Nord Stream AG began arbitration against the European Union because of the inconsistency of amendments to the gas Directive the Energy Charter. According to the organization, the EU violated its obligations by adopting a «discriminatory amendments» to the Directive.

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