Ученые нашли гигантского окаменелого пингвина
photo: pixabay.com

In the North island of New Zealand found the fossilized remains of a giant prehistoric penguin, reports Science Daily.

Scientists believe that New Zealand was home to a giant penguin. These animals are in the era of the Oligocene were very large and exceeded the size of the current birds. The growth of these penguins reached 160 cm weight — 80 kg. age of the most ancient remains is 62 million years.

The reason for such large sizes the penguin was the disappearance of large marine reptiles that lived in the oceans. They were the enemies of penguins, and after their extinction the penguins filled the habitat.

The body of a giant penguin was more stretched in length, the legs longer, however, and beak. It is worth Recalling that the size is now the largest penguin, the Emperor, does not exceed 120 see the Skeleton of this animal sheds light on the evolution of penguins, and gives the key to understanding their past.


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