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Cat Potatoes (Potato) from the United States became the star of the network due to its unusual appearance, reports the Daily Mail. The animal has its own Instagram, in which subscribers are 34 thousand people.

The owner of the cat is a 21-year-old girl Ashley. She took the Potatoes from the shelter a couple of years ago. Now the cat is 5 years old.

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Took Potato on a car ride to the park! Lol the vet said that I should always keep him in a carrier taking him places and never let him stroll around on a harness because of “feline aggression” and even gave me a paper about it! …as you can tell Potato is the most aggressive cat ever just look at the anger in this guys face 😂🤣 but on a serious note Potato’s getting more and more used to going places on a harness!! He’s such a good boy!! (He’s actually never showed any signs of aggression, he’s seriously the calmest cat I’ve ever met, this dude doesn’t give a f**k about anything) #madcat #felineaggression #angrycats #meankitty #harnesscat #goodboy #aggressive #biteme

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The animal surprises the users of the network who are trying to unravel the phenomenon of its unusually large eyes. They are so large that the animal looks constantly surprised. And some Americans compare sweet creature with an alien.


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