Peers «MK» told about how he lived this age

This year, «Moskovsky Komsomolets» is celebrating a big anniversary. Over the past ten decades times have changed the political map of the world were crumbling Empire, were born and died great personality, and just ordinary people…

The century began with balls and corsets, whale whisker, and ended with the Internet.

Age of human life, as the age of the Newspapers, — an endless kaleidoscope of events, the moment between past and future. As it turned out that «MK» is the same age, also born in 1919, three such veterans, may God give them health, we visited.

Architect, army General, a simple hard worker. What unites them all except for the fact that these people were born in one year with «MK»? They stumbled over the line, available to few. To live a century. And remain strong in spirit, strong in body and mind.


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