Footballer of the Donetsk club cried on the field because of racism Kiev fans

Footballer of the Donetsk club cried on the field because of racism Kiev fans

Tyson has shown to insult his fans the middle finger, and eventually was sent off

Match of championship of Ukraine football match between Donetsk «Shakhtar» and Kiev «Dynamo» was interrupted in the 75th minute. Brazilian footballer of Donetsk club Tyson in response to racist remarks fans of the capital team first showed the middle finger stands, and then started crying right on the field, according to «112. Ukraine».

The referee stopped the game, and while Tyson calmed in the Dynamo players, midfielder of «Shakhtar» Dentinho stood up for his teammate and made a verbal sparring with the Kiev fans.

When the situation in the stadium calmed down, the referee sent Tyson for an obscene gesture and resumed the game. The match ended with the score 1:0 in favour of Shakhtar.

After the game the head coach of the Donetsk club Luis Castro at a press conference did not answer the journalists ‘ questions, but instead made a statement in which he supported all who suffer from racism. «Racism is simply unacceptable. It was, is and will be a disgrace for all. Together we must fight against this every day, every minute and every second» — quoted by Castro, the press service of «Shakhtar».

Itself the Donetsk club has made an official statement in which he indicated that «there can be no excuses for those who inflict insults based on skin colour, religious or political beliefs».

Official twitter of Kiev «Dynamo» were limited to the publication of the slogan «In football there is no place for racism».

Shakhtar in 2014, playing home matches outside of Donetsk. This time as the home arena of the club was chosen as the Metalist stadium in Kharkiv.

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