The Czech Republic has deprived Russia of the Karjala Cup. As it was

The Czech Republic has deprived Russia of the Karjala Cup. As it was

The Russian team lost their final match of the first stage of the Euro tour the Karjala Cup team Czech Republic with the score 0:3. Opponent won the tournament, and last year’s winners, the Russians will not take place above the third. How was the game, in the report RBC

Photo: press service of the FHR

The last day of the Karjala Cup, the Russian team came up with two points out of six but still had chances to win the tournament. The Russian team should have to take three points in a meeting with the Czech team and hope to win the Swedes from the Finns.

The coaching staff of the Russian team led by Alexei Kudashov, who yesterday claimed his first victory as head coach of the national team, has decided to use at the tournament, all three goalies, firing against the Czechs debutant of the national team Alexander Samonov of SKA.

Out application for the match was left defender Yaroslav Dyblenko and not played at the tournament and forwards Damir Jafarov (injury) and Alexey Makeev.

«Opportunities Dyblenko known to us, so we decided to check out other players — said Kudashov. — Why are we called? We needed squad».

After the previous meeting with the Swedes, players were given free time. Someone went for a walk on the village Langvik, someone was playing table tennis, Billiards and other games. Someone was resting in the room.

«The Russian team at the tournament looks good, — said RBC before the match with the Czechs, the former striker of the Russian national team, the Czech club Sparta and Finnish teams COD «Asset» and «Carpet» Andrew Pateychuk, who in the early 1990s when he played with the current coach of the Russian national team in a trio in «Wings of the Soviets». — You need to take into account the debut of Alexei Kudashov, the post of chief coach of the national team and the youth of many players on the team.»

«Now the players get international experience, — the interlocutor continued. Yes, you make mistakes, but without them anywhere. At the level of the national teams other speeds, you need to make decisions faster. To this and also to the requirements of the new coach needs to adapt. One of the goals of the Eurotour and is to involve team players who perform well in the championship, and watch how they show themselves on this level.»

Patychuk worked in the coaching staff of current head coach of the Czech Republic Milos Riigi in «Spartacus», «Atlanta» SKA. He said that Riha responsibly prepare for the Karjala Cup. He flew to Russia to see several candidates for the national team from clubs in the KHL and stay with them for a personal conversation. In Moscow and the Moscow region, the Czech coach has attended several matches. «The Czechs have collected a decent list. I think the Russian team can expect a tough match,» suggested the expert.

The Czechs opened the scoring midway through the first period after the error one more new player of Russian national team — defender «Admiral» Ivan Mishchenko. Michael Rzepin grabbed the puck and made a pass to two-time champion of Russia in structure «the Metallurgist» Jan Covaria, who scored the first goal.

According to Kudashov, to this error, the team played «more or less, and after it stopped.» «Ceased to ride, to act aggressively,» added the head coach.

More than 50 minutes, the washer was the only. The Czechs controlled the game. Second goal scored towards the end of the meeting, seemed logical.

«By far the match today did not happen — summed up the Kudashov. — We need to say that I fully fell the most. This seriously affected the course of the match. Today’s game was disappointing».

The head of the staff of the national team of Russia, first Vice-President of Federation of hockey of Russia (FHR) Roman Rotenberg said that the team «this dissatisfied». «Last year we won this competition — he recalled. Now the defeat is disappointing».

Rotenberg said that the leadership of the FHR and the national team considering the stages of the Eurotour in preparation for the Olympics 2022: «we Have 50 candidates. You need to check as a lot of players to understand who we will choose the Olympic team».

Summing up the tournament, plus a video noted that «the players gain experience.» «They understand what the international level, he continued. Someone liked it, someone fell out. Now some answers we have received. These guys are on the level of teams competitive, they can play fast hockey and was a strong team.»

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