Russian team suffered a second defeat at the Karjala Cup

Russian team suffered a second defeat at the Karjala Cup

In the final match of the tournament in Helsinki Russian hockey team lost to the Czech Republic, which guaranteed first place in the competition

Photo: FHR

Team Russia hockey defeated the Czech Republic in the final match of the Karjala Cup. The meeting was held at the Hartwall arena in Helsinki, ended with the score 3:0 in favor of the Czech team.

The first washer in gate of the Russian team scored in the tenth minute of the first period the Czech Republic striker Magnitogorsk «Metallurgist» Jan kovari. The author of the second goal in the 51st minute was the Czech striker «Tractor» Lucas Sedlak. The final score in the match in the 59th minute set also plays in the KHL for Magnitogorsk team Andrew Nestrasil.

Russian team suffered a second defeat at the Karjala Cup. In the first round the team lost to the hosts of the tournament — the national team of Finland with the score 3:4, and the second shootout beat Sweden (the main and extra time the game ended in a draw 4:4).

The Czech team won all three matches at the Karjala Cup and became the winner of the tournament. In the opening match of the Czechs beat Sweden (3:1) and Finland (3:3 Used). Following the results of competitions the national team of Czech Republic scored eight points and took first place in the standings.

The Russian team scored in three games two points and is in the standings to third place. The final position of the Russian team will be determined by the outcome of the match between Finland and Sweden, who play later on Sunday. In case of a victory of the Swedish hockey team of Russia will be on the last line.

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