Kudashov commented on the victory of Russia over Sweden

Kudashov commented on the victory of Russia over Sweden

The Russian team won the second match of the first stage of the Euro tour the Karjala Cup, the Swedes 5:4 in a penalty shootout. During the meeting, the Russians were 3:1 and 4:2. The turning point in the game occurred due to the unnecessary removals, said head coach Alexei Kudashov

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Hockey players of Russian national team should play a more confident and solid in the matches of the first stage of the Euro tour the Karjala Cup. This opinion after the meeting with the team of Sweden expressed the head coach of the Russian national team Alexei Kudashov, the correspondent of RBC.

The game Russia — Sweden was held on Saturday in Helsinki and ended with the victory of the Russian team in a penalty shootout with the score 5:4. During the match the Russians were 3:1 and 4:2. This win was for Kudashov first, the post of chief coach of the national team.

«The complete satisfaction of victory is not taken, said Kudashov. This is the second match of the tournament. I believe that players should play more confident and look solid all 60 minutes.»

According to head coach, first team completely controlled the match, «but unnecessary penalties early in the second period changed the game.» «Our team is able to dominate whole game and not allow the opponent to take it into their own hands. The guys need to believe in themselves», he added.

The expert noted that now the teams are getting valuable international experience. «Here, any error, any flaw, any weakness leads to a transition initiative at least. And the maximum — to goal», — he said.

Positive according to the results of matches, according to Kudashov, is that, «first, the first period was good.» «Second, we won. And won a very difficult game. This is the most important», — concluded the coach.

In the first match of the tournament on Thursday, the Russian team lost to team of Finland 3:4. In the final meeting of the Karjala Cup Russians will play the Czechs. The match will take place on Sunday at 14:30 GMT.

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